meet our artists

Here at Joyfully Said, our goal is always to bring you on trend designs from artists all over the country. We take pride in partnering with artists to create unique pieces you'll only be able to find here. If you're a creator and interested in partnering with us a for a future collection, please email us at with samples of your work.

The artists

terrah ray

Terrah Ray is a fine artist from a small town in Kentucky. As a mother, homemaker, and working artist she lives a slow and simple life. Finding inspiration from nature, the smell of fresh cut flowers, and the beauty of an open field. 

Through the use of warm, earth-inspired tones, gentle brushstrokes, and soft textures, the artist’s work captures the essence of nature and brings it into your living space. Serving as gentle reminder to slow down and offering you a soft place to land, even if just for a moment. Bringing peace and comfort to both your heart and home. 

You can view her art here

Katlyn Gipson

Katlyn is one of the first artists we partnered with and she also happens to be a part of our team! A graphic designer by trade, she has enjoyed the challenge of taking inspiration and putting those ideas to paper. When she's not at Joyfully Said, you'll likely find her in the garden, at her sewing machine, or cooking up something delicious. You can view her art here.

Nicole Mehl

Nicole is an artist from small town Indiana. She married the boy next door and together they have four children. She creates art in her studio, a little room in the basement of her home. This space is like a personal sanctuary, the place where she can work with her hands and connect in prayer and worship with the Lord. Her paintings are made intuitively, she works in the moment and there usually is no plan for what the final outcome will be. Nicole hopes that her work reflects peace and evokes a longing for what is eternal to the person that is encountering it. You can view her art here.

Katie Garrison

Katie is a landscape artist based in colorful Colorado, creating impressionist landscape paintings for mountain dwellers and lovers of all things wild and woodland. She has been a lifelong nature lover and is inspired by the varied and ever-changing landscape of the Rocky Mountains. She spends as much time as possible exploring every inch of her home state—from snow-capped mountains to grass-covered plains. All artwork is hand-painted by Katie in her home studio. You can view her art here.

McKenzie Beiler

McKenzie is an artist based in Northern Indiana. A lifelong lover of all things creative, McKenzie has pursued fine art, calligraphy, graphic design, illustration, screen printing and more. Now she's found her niche in surface design, painting murals and teaching workshops. When she isn't creating, you can find McKenzie soaking up the sunshine with her 4 kids or cozied up in her favorite coffee shop. You can view her art here.

Tessa Brown

Tessa is an abstract and impressionist artist from Texas. Her primary subject matter is nature, but inspiration comes from all around: emotions felt from old photographs, the way her mood shifts when she hears one of her favorite rainy day songs, or the magic of reading a fairy tale to her kids. 

Her desire is to paint paintings that stir emotions and welcome nostalgia. Because art should remind you of your most special memories, emotions, and dreams. For Tessa, art is a page in a love story.

Tessa paints from her studio in Kyle, Texas, where she lives with her husband, Thaddeus, and children, Lily and Moses. You can view her art here.

Anee Shah

Anee Shah is a scientist turned artist who left a decade long corporate job to pursue her creative path and take care of her two littles.

Inspired by the feeling of being home, she creates art for cozy homes and homebodies. A painter of florals and landscapes, she hopes that her art evokes a sense of calm and fond memories of the simpler days. She has a love for slow mornings with the smell of coffee, afternoon naps, good food and a life peppered with humor and sarcasm. She lives in Boston with her husband and two kids. You can view her art here.

Kailee Duckworth

Kailee was born and raised in the small town of Middlebury, Indiana. Her passion for the beauty of words was born in high school as she discovered the skills and abilities God had gifted her with. In hopes of fundraising for a mission trip her senior year of high school, Kailee started drawing calligraphy greeting cards and selling them to her family and friends. Through the Lord's provision and the continual support of those around her, she continues to use her calligraphy skills to bring beauty through words. Kailee hopes that her work brings joy, hope, and peace to your heart each time you read the scripture written. You can view her art here.

Alex Banet

Alex Banet is an artist based in southern Indiana. She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two kids together. She began painting as an outlet during a season of heavy anxiety, and the Lord has continued to grow and sanctify her in numerous ways throughout her journey of being an artist. Besides painting, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, baking, and being outside in nature. She feels immensely blessed by how God continues to work through her within the realm of painting, and she hopes that her artwork brings a similar sense of hope and peace into her customers homes. 

Natalia McGuffee

Natalia is a Colombian artist based in Colorado. She believes art has a big impact on mental health. A space decorated thoughtfully with art feels more welcoming and inviting, and has the power to positively impact our inner and mental health. Her purpose as an artist is to create art that everyone can connect with-pieces that will evoke feelings of calmness and joy.

Her passion for traveling and her love of nature are the muse of all her work. She is constantly creating paintings of the ocean, mountains, and desert, inspired by all her travels and experiences from around the world. You can view her art here.

Sara jeffries

Sara is the artist at Nelson Art & Design Co. based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her artwork is inspired by her travels while living in Germany, a time that changed the way she saw herself and the world. She primarily creates European cityscapes and seascapes, but loves to explore still lifes, moody scenes, and even abstracts. Her art studio at home is filled with dried florals, leaves and branches and there you will find her playing worship music while creating. It’s a time where she can be creative and focus her mind on something beautiful. Her artwork has a sense of peace, stillness, and beauty with a hint of playfulness and modernity. You can view her art here.