Winter 2022 Joy Box Style Guide

Winter 2022 Joy Box Style Guide

Hi, friend!

Here at Joyfully Said, our mission is to help you LOVE the home you’re in! Additionally, we believe that home is a sacred space where life’s most raw and beautiful moments unfold. If we can help you create a feeling in your home that invites creativity, connection, and cozy feels… we know we have done our job! 

It’s for this very reason that we love Joy Box so much! We know that decorating your home can feel intimidating  and overwhelming at times. Add to that the change of seasons and a desire to add cozy touches throughout the year, and soon, keeping your home feeling fresh and cozy can feel like a very big job! Let's take a look at what's in this season's box...

This Winter Joy Box contains nine items that we have curated just for you. Pieces that help you effortlessly usher cozy winter vibes into your home and feel confident with the items you are using to accent your space. From the gold metal bells (a personal favorite of mine), all the way to a 3D “Hello Winter” Wreath sign, we have you covered from the details all the way to a focal point. We hope that this box helps you feel that much more ready to say “Hello Winter” inside your home with joy and confidence! In this guide, we've included some of our favorite ideas for using each of the pieces in the box. We hope you feel inspired as you read. Enjoy!

With joy,

Chelsea, Shop Owner

Now, about those style tips...

1. Pair your decor in odd numbers. 

Use the three trees in this season's box (or ones you already have!) to create a sweet trio on a coffee table, console table, or shelf. Adding in the bells and candle from this box make an easy look with 5 items. Style them on a tray and you're set!

2. Think beyond the bell.

Use the Hanging Metal Bells to jazz up a wreath, to add interest as a tray filler, OR to embellish a garland or ladder! Whichever option you choose, these bells are sure to become a fast seasonal favorite!

3. Give shelves a festive transformation.

Easily transform your shelves with festive additions like the wood + metal Merry Christmas sign in your box. Proof that your decor can be festive and neutral!

4. Use mugs for more than coffee.

Don't forget that you can use the mug in your box (or any mug you love!) as part of your decor. Adding a festive mug to any existing vignette in your kitchen adds instant seasonal coziness.



  • Kim Adkins

    Would love joy box for a wedding gift for new bride.

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    Is the box still available?

  • Audra Sall

    Is this still available?

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    I’m wondering if this box is still available

    Thank you

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