Why Canvas? A Closer Look at Our Newest Product!

Why Canvas? A Closer Look at Our Newest Product!

As you probably have seen by now, we just launched a fresh, new wall art product that we are super excited about! So what led us to this decision, why do we love it so much, and why do we think you'll love it too? So glad you asked, friend! 😉 We sat down with our founder, Chelsea Gorsuch, to answer these very questions for you! 


What was the motivation to create a new canvas product when our wooden wall art is already so loved?

There were a few reasons! First, we loved the idea of offering a larger-scale wall decor option that is available at a lower price point! Canvas Banners allow our customers to change out their wall decor a little more easily with this product, given that the price point is lower and they are extra easy to hang and move around! Plus, we just love the natural look and feel of the canvas fibers and texture- this product adds an earthy, almost vintage vibe that fits perfectly with lots of different design styles and trends! Finally, this product compliments our wooden wall art well, and can be mixed and matched throughout the same space without having too many of the same types of wall pieces in a single space!  

Are the Canvas Banners produced in-house like the wooden wall art is, or is the production outsourced?

We are proud to say that we design and produce our Canvas Banners right here in our Middlebury, Indiana workshop... just like our wooden wall art!

How are the Canvas Banners hung?

Our Canvas Banners are designed with an antique brass grommet in each of the four corners, making it super easy to hang these lightweight banners. Our favorite look is to hang them using only the upper two grommets! But just in case you prefer a different look, we include four adorable wooden push pins in each package that you can use to hang your banner, one in each grommet! These are super easy to use (no hammer required!), and they leave the tiniest holes behind (which we love!). Use a level when hanging if you are a prefer- or grab a friend or family member to help stand back and eyeball it (my preferred method, ha!).

What design style would you classify the Canvas Banners to fit best with?

Overall, Canvas Banners are very versatile! However, when designing, we had a few ideas in mind for some types of spots they might work extra well in. The Book Page Canvas Banners can go most anywhere, but I love them for a transitional, cottage, or modern farmhouse space. Teamwork and He's Got the Whole World are extra fun for a playroom, homeschool, or kids' room- but work for a family space as well! Encourage One Another and Just Enough Grace are beautiful in most any kitchen, dining, or living space and can vibe well in a modern farmhouse, eclectic, boho, or transitional space. You can expect to see new canvas banners in each of our yearly and seasonal launches, as well!

Friends, we hope you love Canvas Banners as much as we do, and that they add joy to your home for years to come! 

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