What's Your Gallery Wall Style?

What's Your Gallery Wall Style?

Gallery walls have been around for awhile, and, though the gallery wall trends may evolve, we don't see them going out of style anytime soon! We thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the current gallery wall trends and just maybe we can help you plan your next gallery wall project! 

 (Sources: Ruscus Botanical, Salt & Light, Good Day Sunshine, A Road Leading Home, Family Number, Come Thou Fount, I Like This Place)

Before we get started helping you choose your dream gallery wall style- we have one cardinal rule for creating gallery wall awesome-ness: All items included must have special meaning or memories attached to them. After all, we want our homes to reflect our stories and the things we hold most dear; that's the secret sauce in transforming a house into a home after all! 

So without further ado, let's see some gallery walls!

#1: The Clean & Classic Photo Wall

We love the look of these grid-patterned photo walls. Whether using mattes or no mattes, the clean lines and symmetrical pattern of a grid-patterned photo wall is pleasing to the eye... and most importantly... they tell some beautiful stories that deserve to be remembered daily!

(We are suckers for a simple, grid-style photo gallery wall like this one by naptimedecorator.net!)

Sometimes, a photo gallery wall can be as simple as this one found in the home of shegaveitago.com. (Find the family customizable name art here!)

We would love to help you get started with your Photo Gallery Wall today! Customize your own family photo art here!

#2: Eclectic Gallery Wall

This style mix and matches art, words, frame styles, photos, and even objects such as mirrors, wooden shapes, or any other hangable items that may fit the theme. Here are a few examples we are loving!

(Source: @prettyonfridays)

How creative to incorporate a Frame TV into a gallery wall in this eclectic example by @thebloomingnest! Shop her "Kinder Than Necessary" art piece here.

#3: Vintage Gallery Wall

Vintage-styled gallery walls can be found all over Instagram these days. Gold-leafed frames, vintage florals and landscapes, line-drawn botanicals, and even antique paintings of people are being used throughout modern kitchens and living spaces as a way to marry modern finishes with a more traditional/transitional style that is currently trending. And guess what... we love it too!! Check out these beautiful vintage gallery wall examples below:  

(Source: lovegrowswild.com)

(Source: @caitlinmariedesign

It's easy to see why we are loving the vintage art trend so much- and we are thrilled to share that we will be launching several new vintage-inspired landscapes and florals in our 2023 Collection, launching March 8th, 2023... so be on the lookout! 

#4: A Simple Art Set

 Art sets are an easy, fast, and fool-proof way to fill a large wall space, and it's sure to look great! At Joyfully Said, we have several art sets to choose from... take a look at a few of our faves!

Mod Blocks have a modern, coastal vibe that we can't get enough of!

Salt & Light, painted by artist Nicole Mehl, add a gorgeous splash of abstract color to any space.

So, which gallery wall style are YOU drawn to the most?! Maybe we've inspired you to begin plotting your next gallery wall project... or maybe you would rather have the legwork completed and go with our pre-made Cozy Cabin Gallery Wall Bundle? Either way, we hope you find gallery wall success and take one more step toward creating a home you love to be in!



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