Styling your Winter Decor Capsule!

Styling your Winter Decor Capsule!

The Winter Decor Capsule is here! Joyfully Said Decor Capsules are the most fun way to update your home for the season and create a pulled together look with ease! We have taken the guesswork out of wandering the home decor aisles and trying to decide which items fit well together, and how to style them once you get them home.

Inside your capsule box you'll find the eleven items shown below, ready to be pieced together to create cozy textures and layers in your home! The items we've chosen lend themselves to a modern farmhouse vibe, but certainly can be mixed with many different decorating styles. Note that you can opt for either the "Isaiah" sign or the "Comfy and Cozy" sign! 

First things first: let's meet the players of this Winter Decor Capsule:

Now the fun begins- styling your capsule! The suggestions below are here to get you started, but don't be afraid to get creative. Several of these pieces are versatile enough to carry you right on into spring and beyond, but the photos below are of course geared toward the winter season. Without further ado, let the styling begin!

While there are endless ways to mix and match these capsule pieces, we hope that the ideas above get you headed in the right direction. A well-styled space may not solve the world's problems, but it can spark joy (right Marie Kondo ;) ), help you love the home you're in, clear your headspace and encourage creativity, and feel more confident about welcoming people in. In our opinion, these are all pretty great benefits to enjoy! Take a look at our full Winter Capsule collection right here!



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