Fall 2020 Joy Box: Style Guide

Fall 2020 Joy Box: Style Guide

When it comes to fall style, one word comes to mind: cozy. With that in mind, meet the Fall 2020 Joy Box- your one stop shop for a cozy coffee nook in your home! 

One thing we love about the items in this box is that a coffee nook can be created in most any space in your home. Kitchen? Of course! Dining room? Yes. Office? Why not?! Bedroom? Yes please. Additionally, these eight items work great in a group, but can also be split up throughout your home. So versatile! 

While the possibilities are endless, click on the Style Guide below to get the ideas flowing. Don't forget to share some photos of your styled box on social media and use the hashtag #joybox! We can't wait to see the creative ideas that YOU come up with for your Joy Box!

Pull up a seat, grab a cup of something warm (you know, to get in the fall spirit), and enjoy the Style Guide!

(Hint: The Style Guide is viewed best in full screen mode on a computer or iPad, but mobile will do too!)


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