Modern Coastal Decor Tips

Modern Coastal Decor Tips

With the launch of our new Coastal Collection, we thought it was the perfect time to take a deeper dive into coastal style- what that aesthetic really means, and how to achieve it in your home!

Coastal design is known for its laid back vacation vibes, achieved with light and airy colors and textures. Coastal spaces are easy to kick back and relax in, so it's easy to understand why this aesthetic is so easy to love. If done right, coastal design will make you feel like you are living ocean-side, whether or not you actually are. So with that, here are four tips to help you create a more coastal vibe in your home!

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Tip #1: Incorporate sea-inspired colors. 

Blues, greens, grays, whites, and light neutrals (think sand) are all fitting when looking to create a space with coastal style. The goal is to bring those light, carefree, seaside feels inside, and color is a great place to start!


 Tip #2: Add plenty of organic textures.

Textures such as seagrass, driftwood, rattan, linen, and jute go a long way in creating a modern coastal aesthetic. Baskets, pillows, lighting, and decorative items containing these materials are a go-to for sprinkling these organic textures throughout a space. And, as always, don't forget to add some plants! (Real or faux both work!)



Tip #3: Lean into light colored woods.

While darker toned woods are making a comeback in interior design trends, and even into some coastal spaces, lighter woods still reign in the coastal department (according to our humble opinion!). Light-toned woods invite subtle reminders of weather-worn driftwood, bringing beachy feels throughout your home. 


Tip #4: Mix in some modern metals.

Adding some modern metals, such as black and brass, is a great way to ensure that your coastal look feels fresh and up-to-date!


And of course, you will need artwork to complete the look in your home! Our Coastal Collection has six pieces designed specifically for a Modern Coastal aesthetic! Each piece is available in multiple sizes and four frame colors, so you are sure to end up with artwork that fits your space perfectly! 


(You, Me, Sea)

(Present Moment)

View the entire Coastal Collection here! Cheers to creating coastal spaces you love to be in, friend!


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