Meet our JSS Team!

Meet our JSS Team!

Keeping our handmade business afloat takes a lot of hands! Each sign that ships out passes through at least five people, each one playing a vital role in our sign making and shipping process. We thought it would be nice to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of our team and all that it takes to make the magic happen. ;)

The whole JSS team

First, meet Becky! Becky is the person you are most likely to communicate with if you hit the "Contact Us" button or send us an email. She handles all aspects of customer service, as well as organizing several aspects of production (i.e. moving our online orders to our production list, creating order labels, etc.), and she also helps with different aspects of our shop- from creating displays to communicating with guest vendors, she is amazing at doing anything and everything that needs done!

Becky- Administrative and Customer Care Extraordinaire! 

Next up, we are pleased to introduce you to our sign painters! These girls handle all aspects of this work, from painting the sign backgrounds and the lettering to the distressing. Each one on this team is a wife and momma, and each one works part-time. We are happy to be able to maintain a family friendly work environment. These girls make a great team and are amazing at protecting the quality of our work and also just make a wonderful support system for each other!

Sign making wonders- Staci, Heather, Emily, Nicci, Crystal, Gretchen, & Bonnie

You can't meet our team without getting to know our "Shipping Co." These fabulous ladies also serve as quality control, inspecting each sign that comes their way, cleaning up any marks that may have made their way onto the sign, before stamping, bubble wrapping, and boxing the sign. Shipping our signs, especially the extra large ones, is a lot of work! We can't thank our shipping experts enough!

 The "Shipping Co."- Laura, Linda, and Staci

We're going to introduce this next group as the "behind the scene" team. This team handles the behind the scenes aspect of ordering product for our shop, creating the displays, organizing markets, pricing product, keeping our shop organized, organizing creative workshops, and anything and everything else that needs done. I (Chelsea) am including myself into the group since, as the owner, I tend to have my hand in anything behind-the-scenes related! You'll notice that a few of these girls have been mentioned in some of the other parts of the business as well, and that's because we are an "all hands on deck" type of small business and most of us end up doing several different jobs within our workshop.

Shop Ninjas- Heather, Chelsea, and Becky (not pictured- Isabella)

Lastly, meet Wes and Chelsea (me), the owners of this little shop corner in the interwebs. We love going to work together and growing this dream of ours. Wes spends most of his time in the wood shop, framing signs, cutting boards, keeping supplies ordered, etc. He does have help from a few other guys who work for us as subcontractors. Wes also serves as "master encourager" and "dream catalyzer"- he pushes me to think bigger and he is great at thinking outside of the box. I get to steer this ship, but it certainly wouldn't be possible without the amazing team of people you've just met. I'm a creative "ideas" person and I tend to jump from task to task- there's just too much to be done and so many great ideas to pursue! My team keeps me a bit more focused, and helps bring all my crazy ideas to life. I consider it a great honor to lead these women, and to have work to do that we feel can make a difference in the homes and lives of our customers. Something that makes our team extra special, and that we think adds to our team's drive to do their work with excellence, is that many of us are friends and relatives outside of the workplace. Linda is Wes's mom, Nicci is Wes's cousin, Gretchen and Emily are Chelsea's cousins AND Emily is married to Wes's brother, Laura is Gretchen and Emily's mom, Staci is one of Chelsea's oldest friends, Bonnie and her husband are long time friends of Wes and Chelsea... well, you get the picture. ;)

Shop owners- Wes and Chelsea

Thank you for meeting our team! It was a pleasure to have you here! We love serving our local community, and our online friends! If we haven't already, we would LOVE to create something special for your home and family!

With JOY,


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