Living in Yellow x Joyfully Said

Living in Yellow x Joyfully Said

It's here, friend! Living in Yellow x Joyfully Said is now available! 

When we set out to create a collection full of "collaboration signs" (aka, pieces that we co-design with some of our favorite bloggers and influencers), asking Erin Schrader from Living in Yellow to be a part of it was a no-brainer!

First, Erin happens to be our founder, Chelsea's, sister... so obviously the love runs deep. But even aside from that, Erin is a ray of sunshine over on her blog, Living in Yellow and on her corresponding Facebook and Instagram accounts. There you'll find all kinds of tips and tricks on how to make the most of your everyday life... everything from fashion advice to recipes to planning your next party. Sprinkled throughout is Erin's signature down-to-earth humor that she is known for. At it's core, Living in Yellow is all about finding the pockets of joy in life... even when it comes in the form of literal pockets of the world's softest joggers. ;)

(Chelsea and Erin... sisters by chance, friends by choice. No, we are not above cliches).

Co-creating a sign with Erin turned out to be everything we expected- her style can be described as light and airy, while also cozy and inviting. Modern with a hint of farmhouse... that perfect combo of clean and worn. The piece we ended up with (which you'll see actually turned into two pieces!) embodies all things calm, serene, and peaceful- much like the lake that she recently moved to! A waterside view is Erin's happy place, and that is exactly what she captured.

The oversized abstract art piece is the main statement of this collaboration, but after some back and forth with Erin, we decided to offer a second smaller coordinating sign- this one with a quote by Mary Oliver that fits Living in Yellow to a tee. "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

The pieces can be ordered separately, but also make the perfect pairing when layering the smaller piece in front of the larger one. Don't you think?!

If you haven't met Erin and her team over at Living in Yellow yet, what are you waiting for? She truly is a breath of fresh air, much like the gorgeous artwork that she inspired us to create for you! 

Order your LIY x Joyfully Said piece(s) today!

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