Lake Day with Living in Yellow

Lake Day with Living in Yellow

Cool, calm, and coastal. These were some of the driving descriptors that we dreamt of as we designed our latest seven-piece collection. Introducing... Lake Day with Living in Yellow!  


As the idea began to form for a lake-themed collection for 2021, we instantly knew that blogger Erin Schrader of Living in Yellow was the perfect partner for this project! Not only does Erin's personality naturally embrace all things fun and carefree, but Erin also helped us dream up our 2020 abstract best-seller for her lake home. The LIY x Joyfully Said abstract is still a best seller on our site and can be shopped here! We couldn't wait to partner with her again and help her fill the rest of her beautiful lake home walls. Even better, Erin happens to be our founder's (that would be me, Chelsea ;) ) sister which makes partnering with her extra special!

Part of the beauty in the Lake Day collection is that its fun, coastal vibe fits perfectly in any home on the water, but not only that, it fits in any space where you are looking to add a light, airy "summer by the water" feel! In addition, we designed the pieces within this collection to partner well with Erin's previous collaboration sign- the Living in Yellow x Joyfully Said abstract piece, so if you already own that design you can add to your walls with the Lake Day collection and know that it will look cohesive. #winning

Whether you own a home by the water or not, we want you to experience a fresh, inviting space that just makes you feel good. Lake Day with Living in Yellow may just be the perfect place to start! 

Lake Day with Living in Yellow launches May 5th.... see you by the water! 


With joy,


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  • Bree Schumacher

    Hi! I adore your signs. I have one of the Living in Yellow signs in my bedroom and I am definitely going to get the water one. Gorgeous! I would LOVE to see a bright, sunny beachy line too. #SomewhereSunny vibes :)

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