Joyfully Said Team Picks for Summer

Joyfully Said Team Picks for Summer

Hey, friend!

Here in Northern Indiana, summer has a way of taking it's time to arrive. So you can believe that when it finally does, we are all for it! Break out the flip flops and pool noodles - it's time for summer!

Along with the warmer temps comes a change in decor for many of us. You know that here at Joyfully Said we are all about bringing the outdoors in and replicating the sights, sounds, and feelings of the season within our homes. 

It feels like summer has finally made it's grand entrance here in Indiana, and that inspired our team to share the items we're grabbing from our shop for the season. Read on, friend! We hope you're inspired to replicate this warm season in your home, too. 


“For summer, I'm all about light, airy coastal vibes, so the Salt & Light Abstract set makes the perfect focal point to bring that salty air feel into my home! I am loving the upholstered pillow trend, and the Aruba pillow happens to pair well with Salt & Light. The Woven Baskets with Lids are another practical summer staple at my house- the perfect coastal storage for any odds and ends you want to keep hidden (ahem, dog toys). Finally, everyone knows that coffee tastes better in an adorable mug, and the pastels of the Matte Speckled mugs scream summer. Together, these items help lighten and refresh my home for the warmer months ahead!”



“Here in Northern Indiana where we have had a long, chilly and rainy spring, I find myself dreaming. Dreaming of warm, sunny days sitting on my porch listening to the sounds of summer drinking my favorite drink in my Pressed Botanical mug. I mean… just looking at the mug makes me smile! Joining me on my porch as I sip is the Woodland Lantern (in a covered spot, of course!). I love that this lantern is a versatile decor item and can be tucked into many different areas of my summer decor. The Eloise Pot is the perfect vessel to hold greenery or flowers, and I love that it adds a  pop of brightness to my foyer. Lastly, this America The Beautiful sign reminds me of the beauty all around us and the freedoms we have here in America… something I never want to take for granted!”



“My first pick for summer is the Kaia Pillow. It's a beautiful pillow that adds a subtle pop of color in our living room and is SO CUTE! During the summer months, lemons and limes are a weekly purchase at the grocery store. Enter the Mango Wood Ridged Bowl - perfect for sitting on my counter, holding my weekly citrus purchases! Candles are a year round staple at our house and the Candle Care Kit has saved the life of my scissors. It has the perfect wick trimmer and snuffer. My candles are thanking me. Lastly, the Fresh Soap sign is a new addition to our shop and it's the perfect artwork for my space! I never know what to hang up in the bathroom, but I love the simplicity of this sign.”



“I love the way this sign brings a subtle touch of patriotism into my home! It’s a great reminder all year round, but I love that extra touch around Memorial Day and July 4th. The Pressed Floral Pitcher is the perfect vessel for the flowers I am growing in my garden this year, and I love the berry bowls for holding harvested tomatoes (also from my garden!). Lastly, the bee canvas tote is perfect for carrying around the Farmers Market that happens each Saturday on the lawn at Joyfully Said!”


Click here to shop all of our favorites for summer!

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  • CIndy

    My husband and I just stopped at your shop today! I saw some of the items listed! What a wonderful storefront you have! I loved every moment I was there!! Blessings to you for a top notch, charming ship!!!

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