Joyfully Said on Magnolia Network?!

Joyfully Said on Magnolia Network?!

One of the most exciting things about operating a small business like ours is that you just never know what opportunities may come across your path, or which doors God may open next. A few months ago, this very situation crossed our path here at Joyfully Said- our wall art was used to stage a home on the show "In With the Old" on Magnolia Network!!

(Under the Elm)

The story starts when a dear friend of Joyfully Said's- Liz Henderson- came to us in a panic. She and her husband Mike were in the middle of renovating a historic home in Geneva, Illinois, while also filming it for the show "In With the Old." With very short notice, Liz was told that the home quickly needed to be staged and fully decorated for a day of filming, and we are so thankful to say that she thought of us to see if we could help her to fill this beautiful home with artwork for the show!

(Liz Henderson, shown with Joyfully Said's Amber Waves) 

Needless to say, it took us .6 seconds to respond that of course we would love to help her with this project! The rest, as they say, is history! Liz came straight to the shop, chose all of her favorites, and, before we knew it she was transporting them to her home in Geneva. 

(A Road Leading Home)

On the evening that their episode premiered, Liz hosted a lovely watch party to celebrate. It was a surreal moment to see our pieces appearing on a Magnolia Network show! Will Chip and Jo be calling us next?! Time will tell.... ;)

(my sister Erin, friend Lisa, Liz, myself, friend Kelsie celebrating together at the watch party)

This whole experience reminds me that the combination of hard work and faith can lead to situations and opportunities you may have never even dared to dream! We find ourselves more excited than ever to head into this new year, with eyes full of anticipation and wonder for what may come next.

Be sure to tune into Season 4, Episode 3 of In With the Old on Magnolia Network and watch and Liz and Mike restore their gorgeous historic home in Geneva!

(Episode promo image; watch the trailer for it here!)

Thank you for tagging along with our story here at Joyfully Said! We love having you along for the ride with us!

With joy,

Chelsea (founder + owner)


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  • Delila Frey

    I am so Happy & Excited that Joyfully Said got to experience this opportunity!! I LOVE to shop at Joyfully Said !! Their employees are so friendly & are always willing to help in any way !!

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