Introducing the Living in Yellow Collection!

Introducing the Living in Yellow Collection!

When Erin started her blog, Living in Yellow, back in 2011, she simply wanted a way to express herself creatively since she was spending her days at the time as a bank teller. However, her light-hearted and hilarious writing style quickly caught the attention of many and her following grew quickly.

Erin's honesty, positive outlook, and ability to find the humor in her every day life is a true reflection of the way she lives her life and the way she relates to her friends and family even off of the computer screen. I know this to be true, because I am her big sister! 

In the years since her blog began, Living in Yellow has grown into a fashion and lifestyle brand... Erin has a knack for finding clothing that the average woman can pull off and look adorable in, and so many closets in America are now fuller for it ;). 

After renovating their home a few years back, Erin's bright, airy, fun decorating style also became part of her signature. As her sister, I was so excited to begin creating some signs for Erin's home that fit her style.


In the past year, two of our best-selling signs, "Let's stay in" and "Nowhere to go, nowhere to be" were designed for her home... and now we are so excited to be building on those first two signs to create a whole Living in Yellow Collection!

We hope that these signs infuse those touches of positivity, living life to the fullest, and making the most of our everyday lives that Erin is known for! You can shop the full collection here! Enjoy!



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