Grace In My Space x Joyfully Said

Grace In My Space x Joyfully Said

It's here! Grace In My Space x Joyfully Said is now available! 

When we set out to create a collection full of "collaboration signs" (aka, pieces that we co-design with some of our favorite bloggers and influencers), our minds first went to those who have been long time friends of Joyfully Said. Sarah Symonds from Grace In My Space is one of those people!

Sarah is passionate about teaching women how to turn spaces they have into spaces they love. In her words... creating a haven in your home. She shares her love of home decor, DIY, and faith over on her blog Grace In My Space as well as on her Instagram and Facebook accounts! Her style is approachable, cozy, and ever-evolving. 

Co-creating a sign with Sarah turned out to be everything we expected- her approachable style simply incorporates pieces she loves with inspiration from her travels and other meaningful sources. This sign turned out to be one that is abstract, cozy, and incredibly versatile. Good for any home decor style! In fact, that it probably what we love most about this sign- it's versatility. Sarah's master bedroom has a deep emerald green feature wall that we love to swoon over. The touch of deep green in this sign paired well with her green wall and it looked beautiful hanging above her bed. However, it ultimately ended up in her family's basement family room and we absolutely love it in that space. The sign sits framed perfectly between the wooden trim pattern on the wall that she created herself. Impressive right?! Tutorial over on her blog, of course. ;)

Sarah knew right away what she wanted the theme for this sign to be... love. First of all, the sign launch fell on her and her husband's 14th anniversary (congrats, you two!) But in addition to that, Sarah felt confident that a message of love is one that is important to hang on the walls of our homes during such strange and uncharted times. The wording is inspired by 1 Peter 4:8..."Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins." (NLT) Simply put, "above all, love each other deeply."

This message of love applies to anyone and everyone- siblings, friends, spouses, and family. Pair that with a versatile design, and this sign is good for any room in your home. 

So if you haven't met Sarah yet, what are you waiting for?! Head on over to her blog, Instagram, or Facebook and say hey! 

Oh- and order your Grace In My Space x Joyfully Said sign today!

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