Create a Space You Love to Be

Create a Space You Love to Be

"Your home should feel like a love letter to yourself." 

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I heard this quote and it stopped me in my tracks, because... YES! Is there a better feeling in the world than entering your home feeling warmth, coziness, and joy? Maybe there are... but I think that feeling has to be near the top! That feeling is exactly what I strive for in my own home, and it’s what we hope our Joyfully Said customers are creating in their own homes as well. In fact, we often say that we are helping you "transform your home from a place you exist, to a space you love to be," and this truly has been our mission from the very beginning. 

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In fact, our team sat down at the end of 2020 (a great year for reflection, am I right?!), and we took some time to craft and recraft our mission statement. It’s important to us that the business we run on a daily basis is in line with our long term goals and non-negotiable values. Here’s the mission statement we came up with…

The mission of Joyfully Said is to breathe life and joy into homes. We do this through the creation of fresh, artful displays of the written word, through the curation of products that encourage a cozy home, and through the demonstration of hospitality both in-store and online. We seek to inspire our customers to transform their spaces from a place one exists into a space one loves to be.  

And the great news? Whether you’re living in an apartment, a starter home, a fixer upper, or the home of your dreams, you have the ability to create a space that invites you in, feels warm and cozy, and reminds you of the things you hold most dearly in life. I truly believe that there isn't a home in the world that can't become a haven with a little love, creativity, and effort. Pinterest and Instagram may have us fooled into believing that it's the designer tile, trending countertops, or big open spaces that are required before you can love the home you're in. And while we love those beautiful spaces as much as the next person, we believe with our whole heart that you can love the space you are in, right now. Pinterest-worthy, or not (because hey, who sets those standards anyway?!).

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We often hear from customers that they’re stumped when it comes to creating this kind of space. So while there’s not one magic formula, I have put together some tips I’ve built into my own life that have been crucial in creating a space my family loves to be. 

  1. Make your bed: This quick three minute practice will pay dividends through the rest of your day in the form of a more peaceful view (and mind) every single time you step back into your bedroom. There’s just something about a tidy bed that makes the whole room feel more clean and put together. A few of your favorite pillows can instantly elevate the space further… you can check out some of our favorites here! (insert link to pillows on our site)
  2. Crank that playlist: It’s time to set the mood and get some feel-good tunes playing in the background! Create a special family playlist, and you are ready to go! And if that just feels like too much, we’ve got you covered… scan the barcode below with the camera on your smartphone, and it’ll take you straight to our Spotify playlist! (insert Spotify QR code below) Whichever sounds you choose, make sure it is something that energizes and uplifts you as you work, clean, cook, play, etc.! 
  3. Daily calendar check in: Find a spot to hang a pretty calendar... and then put it to use! Taking a few minutes each evening to think through the next day’s activities and schedule (and communicate it with all involved) can go a long way in creating peace of mind and a smoother day ahead! We love our Weekly Chalkboard Calendar (LINK) for this!
  4. Ten minute pickup: This practice is a GAME CHANGER! You’ve got your tunes going... now it’s time to clean up any extra clutter that has accumulated throughout your home in the past day. Set a timer for 10 minutes and get to work. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 10 short minutes, and what a difference you’ll feel relaxing in your freshly picked up space! Bonus: Get your whole family involved in the 10 minute pickup and stand in awe at how clean your home can feel when everyone pitches in!
  5. Light a favorite candle: One of the simplest ways to help your home feel special and elevated is to simply light a candle… a candle that smells AMAZING is preferred (we happen to love this one)! By putting some thoughtful effort into each sense within your home- sight, sound, and now smell- you are creating a home that feels inviting and cozy for both you and your guests. Win win!


When Joyfully Said was born in 2016, there were two things we knew to be true. The first is that the atmosphere we live in impacts so much more of our inner life than we often realize, and the second is that the words we read and hear each day hold power. Marrying those two ideas into a sign company that designs and creates beautiful products that make a positive impact in the lives of our customers... well, that’s an honor and a privilege that our team takes very seriously! 

Wherever you find yourself today- loving your space or not, I hope this 5 step checklist gets you well on your way to loving your home and creating a haven within it. If you feel like you need a few new pieces to breathe fresh life into your space, we’ve got you covered there too!

Happy haven-making!


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  • Roberta Long

    My home is my sanctuary- it is hard to put into words the feelings that evolved from your Mission Statement and tips on making an inviting, warm and comfortable home. Every word had meaning. The meaning is priceless.
    Thank you

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