5 Reasons Your Purchase MATTERS!

5 Reasons Your Purchase MATTERS!

The holiday hustle and bustle is upon us... and at Joyfully Said, you will find all of us running around like Santa's elves, gratefully fulfilling orders, ringing up customers, responding to your messages, and so much more! But what exactly is it about shopping from a small business that means so much? 

This Shop Small Saturday, we wanted to share an inside look into the impact that each and every one of your small business purchases makes! So, with our hearts full of gratitude, read on to discover five reasons that you can feel extra great about your small business purchases this holiday season!

1. You are supporting someone's dream.

Do you love the idea of knowing that your actions are quite literally helping someone's dreams come true? How exciting to be an instrument that provides the avenue for a person, a family, and an entire team to build a company they love and to shape a life that is meaningful! With every small business purchase, that is exactly what you are doing. Wanna read more about our journey in this dream? Click here! 

2. You are investing in a local community.

A small business has the freedom to give back to their community at will. For Joyfully Said, this looks like frequent donations to local schools, local charities, and even specific needs that touch our hearts. It also looks like running a small farmer's market on our grounds and organizing several fun artisan markets and shop events throughout the year! We truly hope that our local community can feel that our town is a better place because we are in it.

3. You can support values that align with yours.

While not everyone may share our values, and that's OK... a small business is often transparent and open about what is most important to them, and we think that makes shopping from those small businesses that align with your personal values that much more fulfilling! If you're curious, you can check out our full list of core values here

4. You can expect a personal touch.

Rather than outsourcing our customer service, many of our customers know our customer support manager by name... and, we kinda love that! When reaching out to us, you can always expect a personalized response and our customer's satisfaction is always our #1 priority! 

5. You can feel the heart behind the purchase.

Many small businesses, ours included, LOVE going the extra mile to add those special details to your purchasing experience that makes shopping feel extra delightful! From the "thank you" muslin packages that we add to each order to the special care we take in cleaning and wrapping each and every sign before it ships, there has been a whole lot of heart put into your order by the time it reaches your doorstep. We love the thought of how each customer feels receiving a beautifully packaged order that feels more like a gift then an everyday purchase!

As you can see, there is more than meets the eye going on behind-the-scenes of every small business purchase that is made, and we think that is absolutely something to celebrate! Thank YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving us so many reasons to do a happy dance, as we experience the impact of your purchases first hand, each and every day.

Cheers to shopping small!

Wes and Chelsea

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