Five Fun and Easy Ways to Love the Home You're In!

Five Fun and Easy Ways to Love the Home You're In!

Isn’t it hard to know where to start when creating a space that you’ll love sometimes? We’ve all been there before and know that the struggle is real! That’s why we’ve compiled these 5 fun and easy ways to freshen up the home you’re in and truly love it! These are the tried and true methods that our team uses in our homes and we hope you enjoy!

“I love keeping my wall colors light and neutral. This allows me to incorporate pops of color in my accessories and throw pillows, plus I can easily change out my color scheme with the seasons.” -- Becky, Customer Service Rockstar

This old piano was given a fresh coat of paint,
and pairs perfectly with the more modern look
of the fur rug.

“I love mixing old with new! New and trendier pieces bring a freshness to my home, but the older pieces carry sentimentality and memories that remind me of loved ones that have passed. The combination of the old with the new creates a uniqueness to my home that is all my own.” - Linda, Sign Shipper Extraordinaire

This faux boxwood ball is an easy piece
to set just about anywhere to add some green!

"I always add lots of green in my spaces... whether real or artificial, the green add feelings of life and freshness. To me, this helps create an inviting space that feels put together." - Gretchen, Sign Making Wonder

The simple decor on this mantle complements
our "Less house, more home" sign perfectly!


"Take out the old that is cluttering up your space. Simple is better and beautiful!" - Heather, Workshop Coordinator

The pops of pink make this sign shine!

"My favorite way to make a space feel personal and inviting is to display words that evoke feelings of faith, hope, fun, love, or coziness.... all of my favorite feelings! I also love how words that are meaningful to me tell my guests right away what is important to me... it helps me feel like my home is an expression of who I am, and that makes me love it all the more!" - Chelsea, Shop Owner

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