Fall 2020 Joy Box: Meet the Makers

Fall 2020 Joy Box: Meet the Makers

The Fall Joy Box launches on August 19th, and all of us here at Joyfully Said can't wait to introduce you to the cozy coffee nook inspired items that we've chosen for this season's Joy Box! 

Perhaps the most exciting part of each Joy Box is incorporating some of our fellow favorite small batch makers into each collection. These items are special and unique because they are made by hand here in the U.S., rather than mass produced. The heart and soul of each maker is evident in the care and creativity that they've put into each of the items that they have created especially for the Joy Box, and they help to create a unique space that feels more special and  "found," and less "big box." Get to know each maker below, and get ready to "fall" in love with this season's box!

Riverwood Pottery

Meet Jesse- the owner, potter, and creative mind behind Riverwood Pottery. After taking a ceramics class in college, Jesse found his passion for clay making and spent four years further exploring ceramics. For 15 years after that initial class, he spent free time fine-tuning his pottery making skills and building a pottery business. 

Jesse aspired to own a small business and storefront since apprenticing for Macy Dorf, a ceramic artist in the historic art district in Denver, Colorado. In May of 2019, the purchase of his storefront and studio space on the historic downtown Morton Street in Shipshewana, Indiana accomplished this goal. Jesse now works from his studio space, where he sells handmade pottery and visitors can come and watch him work while they shop. Riverwood Pottery plans to open its doors to the public in October 2020.

Jesse's clay creations are inspired by nature. From hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to countless hours spent milking cows on his family farm, you will find that Riverwood Pottery's signature pieces reflect these life-shaping experiences and the beauty that was found within them.

Jesse grew up in Middlebury, Indiana (the hometown of Joyfully Said!), spent a decade in Denver, Colorado, and now lives outside of Shipshewana, Indiana on a small organic family farm with his wife Ariane and son Linden where he farms 125 acres with his brother and father. Outside of the studio and farm, Jesse spends time with his family, snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, boating and fishing at nearby lakes, playing and watching soccer and up-cycling ordinary items to incorporate at home or in pottery creations.

Follow Riverwood Pottery on Instagram or shop with them on Etsy, and stop by Riverwood Pottery to shop or watch Jesse work on the wheel!

We know you'll love the exclusive mug that Jesse has created JUST for our Fall Joy Box!!

Refinery Coffee

We couldn't serve up a coffee nook inspired Joy Box WITHOUT including some coffee! Plus, there are few things cozier than a warm mug of full of hot coffee filling your home with that amazing aroma... are we right or are we right? 

Enter Regina Troyer, owner of Refinery Coffee in Goshen, Indiana. Regina has been roasting coffee for 15 years now. Her start came after a colleague began importing coffee from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and from there her passion began. She has since been able to visit some of these countries and even visit the farms first hand where she sources her coffee from.

An interesting part of Regina's story is that she grew up Amish on a 30-acre farm. Although she chose to leave the Amish church when she was 18, she says "I never forgot my values," and "I am grateful for the hard work ethic my parents modeled and instilled in me growing up."

At Joyfully Said, we love supporting small batch makers like Refinery Coffee. Regina will tell you that, to her and her team, coffee making is an art. They strive to offer a product that is small batch roasted and hand crafted. They pride themselves on creating specialty blends and a wide variety of flavor options that they sell at their store in Goshen, Indiana, as well as online. We hope you LOVE the special Joyfully Said blend that they have created JUST for us, and which we have included in our Fall Joy Box!

The Makery

The Makery is no stranger to Joyfully Said. In fact, McKenzie Beiler, the artist behind this beautiful shop, has hand drawn a few of Joyfully Said's sign designs in the past! The Makery was top of mind when our team began to dream up the Fall Joy Box, and when McKenzie agreed to create some leaf drawings to feature on both a tea towel, mug, AND some of the new fall signs we are offering, we were thrilled! 

McKenzie's artistry seems to have no bounds. From hand-lettered storefront art to children's coloring books, to screen-printed decor (which her husband Jeff partners with her on), The Makery is true delight! McKenzie describes her love for creativity as a family trait, and she was fortunate to have a mom that encouraged and cultivated that creativity within her. While McKenzie has dabbled in many creative pursuits, it was handmade pillows that gave her her start in a brick and mortar boutique in Minnesota. As a mom to four, McKenzie is currently in the trenches with her little ones, but creating products in a life-giving outlet for her during this demanding season!


McKenzie describes herself as being quite affected by the visual environment that she is in (hello Enneagram 4's!) and she thinks that there is value in creating peaceful and meaningful spaces (ahem... we couldn't agree more!). A touch of whimsy sparks delight in McKenzie, and she quoted Albert Einstein with us in adding that creativity is an "irresistable urge" that keeps her adventuring in art.

Currently McKenzie lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband and four children. McKenzie is enjoying creating products for her extended family family- Birds & Words- a home boutique in Downtown McKinney, as well as some other small businesses. You can follow The Makery on Instagram or visit their Etsy shop! We know you'll adore the hand drawn tea towel that was created just for you in our Fall Joy Box!

Thank you for getting to know all three of our small business partners featured in the Fall Joy Box! We are SO excited about all EIGHT items featured in this season's box, and the many ways that you can utilize the pieces to make your home a comfy, cozy, inviting space for your friends, family, and for you! 



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