Celebrating 7 Years of Joyfully Said

Celebrating 7 Years of Joyfully Said

"If you don't risk anything, you risk even more."

(Erica Jong)

I will never forget the night I sat down with my parents and told them that I would be leaving my career in school counseling (yeah... the one I had gotten a master's degree for, that's the one 😉) to pursue my sign making business. It was the scariest and yet surest decision I had ever made in my life. It was also a giant stepping stone in my life's journey of following a more faith-dependent path over the safe, expected route I had been on to that point. (My parents, by the way, accepted my decision with only a little bit of fear hidden in their voices. Bless their hearts.) 

(a few images from the "early" days)

Now, seven years later, I am incredibly grateful to look around Joyfully Said to find twelve more faith-filled faces (including my husband Wes who left nursing to join me here) who have jumped on board this beautiful journey with me, all eager to see where God takes us next. Challenges have come and gone (and they always will), but man- the joy of creating lovely wall art, curating a refreshing space for our guests to visit and shop, the challenge of building this dream with a great team of people, and the stretching of our faith as we face each hurdle with expectancy for how God will come through yet again- it has been worth the risk 1000 times over. 

(today's team)

Celebrating seven years is truly a gift- not just for the fact that we have made it this far, but for the rich lessons that it has offered us in life, in faith, in perseverance, and in gratitude for the opportunity that has been presented to us. May we steward it well for the next seven years, and beyond! 
To our customers- past, present, and future- your support has meant the world and it is a pleasure to serve you! We can only hope that Joyfully Said in your home has helped you create a space you love and that tells your story, even a little bit more than before. We can't wait to continue to bring you creative, top-quality goods for your home that spark joy for you and your family.

(snapshots from Joyfully Said, seven years in)

Cheers to paying attention to our daydreams... you just never know what plans the Lord may have in store for them... if you are only willing to take the risk!
With joy, Chelsea (Founder + Owner)

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