Blooming Nest x Joyfully Said

Blooming Nest x Joyfully Said

Hi, friends! We did it again... we found a sweet blogger who is lighting up her corner of the internet with joy, laughter, and home decor. Then we thought "why not create a custom sign set?!" So that's just what we did. ;)

Introducing Blooming Nest x Joyfully Said!

We took the time throughout this process to get to know her, and seriously, she is such a gem! Read on for our Q&A with her. To know Regan is to love her! 

Q: Introduce yourself!

A: Hey Y’all! My name is Regan Mauck! I am a mama of 2 little sweeties and a wife to my 8th grade sweetheart. We live in Houston, Texas on a beautiful lake! We love the Lord and make it our goal to be at church to worship every Sunday morning.


Q: Why did you start your blog, and when?

A: I started my blog in January 2016! I had just closed my Etsy shop where I made and sold dresses! I needed an outlet since Brett was in school getting his masters, and we were newly married. I started posting easy DIY’s, Homegoods finds and super affordable décor! We lived in a small townhome that we could barely afford.

Since then, we have moved twice, had two sweet babies, and I have been sharing our journey along the way! We had our first child when we were really young. I felt lonely at times because none of my friends had walked the path of motherhood yet. The blog and my Instagram have been an amazing part of my life where I have connected with so many other mommies who can relate to the daily ins and outs of raising children.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: People always ask me what my style is, and honestly I don’t think I can put a title on it. It’s just “Blooming Nest.”  If I see something I love I incorporate it! I love timeless décor, neutral colors and lots of natural elements. I try to stick to colors, patterns and designs that I will love for a long time.


Q: What are you most passionate about sharing with your followers?

A: I am most passionate about sharing achievable ways to love your home with my blog readers. No matter the budget, I believe there is always a way to do things to make your home feel happy and warm.


Q: What was your main inspiration for this sign set?

A: I wanted these two signs, designed by Joyfully Said, to scream Blooming Nest! I think we nailed it. There is nothing more “me” than some beautiful and simple florals. And if you were to ask longtime friends of mine what my favorite quote is, they will tell you “Always Be a Little Kinder Than Necessary.” I mean, it’s as simple as that right? If everyone chose to act this way we could change the world! I love that it is such a great reminder when I walk by it in the house. Be kinder than necessary when my kids are whining, be kinder than necessary when my husband and I are in disagreement, be kinder than necessary when a sales person knocks at your door and you are in the middle of something.


Q: Why partner with Joyfully Said?

A: I am so thankful to partner with Joyfully Said. I love everything they stand for: a small business that loves and shares about God and truly cares about their customers which shows in their beautiful pieces!


Friends, make sure you are following Regan on Facebook and Instagram, and spend some time checking out her blog! We can't wait for these beautiful signs to show up on the walls of your home. 

With joy,

The Joyfully Said team

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