5 Tips for Selecting Artwork for Your Home

5 Tips for Selecting Artwork for Your Home

Hey, friend! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by and read the Joyfully Said Journal. We know that the process of choosing signs and decor for your home can be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to art signs - there are just so many beautiful choices! We're here to help you break down that process a bit to ensure you're choosing an art sign that you'll love for years to come. 

  1. Make sure it speaks to you. Your home is just that- YOURS! The most important thing when choosing artwork for your walls is as simple as asking yourself if you love it. Does it fit your vibe and personality? Does it remind you of something that is special to you? Does it evoke a certain mood that you want to have evoked? It matters much less what your best friend or neighbor thinks- you will be the one to look at it you need to be the one to love it!

  2. Pick the right size. There are few things more sad to us at Joyfully Said than a great big giant wall space with an itty bitty sign hanging right in the center of it looking all lonely. OK, maybe there are a lot of things worse than that, but seriously... let's not do that, mmmkay? When choosing your art piece, visualize where it will be hanging. Will you be displaying the piece on a large blank wall, or fitting it into an existing collage, gallery wall, or small wall area? If the piece is meant to be a the focal point over a larger wall area such as a mantle, a sofa, a bed, or even a console table, please size accordingly and choose a size that fills the space proportionately. Your walls, and your eyes, will thank you. ;)

  3. Mix it up. Already have a sign with words in your living room? In that case, choose an art sign with no words to help fill the space on a different wall! Or, already loving an oversized art piece on the wall in your dining room? Then let's fill the opposite wall with something different- perhaps a grouping of honeycomb shelves, or a canvas wall hanging, or even a word sign. The point is, too many "like" items in one space can begin to feel redundant and the pieces compete with each other too much. The exception? If you are intentionally trying to create symmetry, such as on each side of your bed or each side of a window, a coordinating sign set may be just what the doctor ordered!

  4. Design around it. Often, artwork is the perfect inspiration to kickstart the entire design for a room. The colors and aesthetic of an art piece can set the tone for the space, and provide the perfect strategy for choosing the colors and textures for the entire room. In the end, by using this strategy, you'll achieve a more cohesive and "feng shui" vibe!

  5. Consider a seasonal switcharoo! One way to keep your home, and your love for your art, feeling fresh is to change it out once or twice a year for the seasons! Maybe light and airy colors feel like the right fit in the spring and summer, but when fall rolls around you are ready for something with moodier, darker tones. Using this strategy helps you fall in love all over again with your spring and summer art piece after a long winter season, and let's face it, changing out your art is a MUCH easier way to refresh your space than re-painting the entire space! Win win!

So there you have it! We hope that these five simple tips have left you feeling more equipped to choose an art piece you'll love for years to come! Now that you've been equipped, you can shop our art signs here!


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  • Shammy Peterson

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  • Michele Dee

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my picture!!!!!
    Beautiful artwork and looks just beautiful!!
    Thanks for this awesome piece of art

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