4 Mantel Styling Ideas

4 Mantel Styling Ideas

Hey, Friend!

Do you feel like you're in that awkward decor time between Christmas and Spring? Maybe you're not quite sure if you should leave up your evergreen or break out the lemons? We feel that pain big time! We know your mantel (or if you're like me and don't have a mantel, some floating shelves maybe?) is a focal point of any room, so we want to help you style it with success during this strange in-between time! Our team put together 4 different mantel looks for you and we've got each one here for you with labeled photos to help you achieve mantel success!

Look 1: Symmetrical

Symmetry is a classic and easy technique that never goes out of style! Start off with a bold focal point to attract your attention and then fill in the mantel on either side with matching decor. Be sure not to over do it, symmetry should be simple and classy. Don’t be afraid to add in organic items like potted plants or beads to give this simpler look some more character!

Look 2: Asymmetrical

If you feel the symmetrical look is too perfectly placed for you, then try an asymmetrical style! Again, you will start off your asymmetrical look with a focal point and then build around it. While we aren’t trying to make a perfect symmetrical look, it is still important to make sure you are keeping each side of the mantel balanced. So, balance a large item (the wooden window) with a smaller item that has lots of texture (the vase + greenery pick). Or, balance a larger, light-colored item (the sign) with a smaller, dark-colored item (the bunny bookends).

Look 3: Layered

Layering gives your decor a casual and relaxing look and feel. Layering is an easy trick that will bring your mantel to a new level! You can pair a large sign with a small one, or replace one with a window, mirror, or any other decor you love! Stack your items in front of each other, or create layers by stacking them on top of each other.

Look 4: Clustered

Creating a clustered-style mantel can add a level of casual design and coziness to your home. If this is the style you are going for, make sure to use varying heights and positions, and avoid placing your decor in straight lines. Another tip we love for this look is to add in some greenery! It adds a soft, organic look.

Thanks for reading along, friend! We hope one of these styles will find it's home on your mantel in the near future. And remember, the most important decor tip we can share with you is to create a look you LOVE. It doesn't need to follow any rules, it just needs to bring you joy! Keep watching the Joyfully Said Journal as we share more decor tips and tricks!

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