2024 Spring Joy Box Style Guide

2024 Spring Joy Box Style Guide

It's here! The easiest, coziest way to give your home a seasonal refresh is found in a Joy Box, and this year's Spring Joy Box is a TRUE delight! All NINE items included in this box work together seamlessly to create a few cozy vignettes... or they can be sprinkled around your whole home to add some spring-y touches in every room! First... let's meet the players in this beautiful box! 

 Now, read on for more ways to get the most out of your Spring Joy Box!  

1. Create a spring kitchen vignette by adding colorful fruit to the Resin Scalloped Bowl and grouping it with the potted herb, planter, and candle!
2. Combining several items at different levels creates a layered affect for visual interest. We love the look of stacking a plant and candle on the book boxes!
3. To spruce up your open shelving, bring a pop of fresh life with a piece of greenery and ambiance with a small lamp and candle. Book boxes add a sophisticated look!
4. Cozy up your kitchen with a mini lamp! The warm glow in the evening will make your heart sing!
5. Style an entire console table or buffet using all of the items in the box! Quick, easy, and BEAUTIFUL! 

Happy styling, friend! 


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    How do I purchase a Joy Box?

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