Fall 2022 Joy Box Style Guide

Fall 2022 Joy Box Style Guide

Hey, friend! It's that time of year... our 2022 Fall Joy Box is here and we are so thrilled to share it with you! Of course, Joy Box wouldn't be complete without us sharing some of our favorite ways to style the items in this box. Read on, style your heart out, and get ready to marvel at your decor success!

One thing we love about this box is its versatility. It contains some really beautiful, seasonal pieces while also containing pieces that can easily transition from one season to the next! Now, let's jump into those style tips!

1. Fluff the greenery.

This tip is one that applies to any stem, wreath, etc! Chances are, that greenery has been on a journey to your home. So, take a couple minutes to pull the individual stems apart, in different directions, etc. to make it look as close to natural as possible. 

2. Think outside the blanket. 

Of course, we love blankets to keep us warm and cozy while curling up with a book or movie, right?! Right. But when your blanket isn't keeping you cozy on the couch, don't forget it can be used for other things, too! Don't hesitate to include it as part of your decor. Hang it on a wooden ladder in the room, or even fold it and use it as a runner on your table! 

3. Toss your beads (not really 😉).

Drape your beads so that they look as natural as possible, almost like they were tossed into place... except don't actually toss them. 😉 One way we love to style beads is by wrapping them around another object like a vase or candle. It helps them to feel incorporated into the design instead of feeling like an after thought!

4. Use your mug for more than coffee.

It's no secret that our favorite use for the mug in this box will always be for that perfect cup of coffee or tea (mmm, cinnamon spice 😋). But don't be afraid to incorporate your mug into your decor as well. Use a couple of coasters or a tray to create some height difference and you're all set! 

5. Layer your doormat.

The layered doormat look is really having it's moment and we are here for it! 👏 We love the saying on this doormat and how it invites your guests to come as they are in any season. For extra interest, layer this with a larger, patterned doormat!


Happy styling, friend! We hope you have a blast styling the items in your box, and that they bring you joy for many seasons to come. Remember - the most important "rule" in decor is to do what brings you joy! We'd love to see how you style your box! If you post on social media, remember to tag us @joyfullysaid and use the hashtag #jsliveyourjoy. 


  • Fran

    I like the look of the layered door mat, I’m concerned about someone (maybe me) tripping on it. What do you think?

  • Sue Berkey

    So beautiful ❤️

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