Meet Our Spring Featured Artist, Terrah Ray.

Meet Our Spring Featured Artist, Terrah Ray.

Terrah Ray

Terrah Ray is a fine artist from a small town in Kentucky. As a mother, homemaker, and working artist she lives a slow and simple life. Finding inspiration from nature, the smell of fresh cut flowers, and the beauty of an open field. 

Through the use of warm, earth-inspired tones, gentle brushstrokes, and soft textures, the artist’s work captures the essence of nature and brings it into your living space. Serving as gentle reminder to slow down and offering you a soft place to land, even if just for a moment. Bringing peace and comfort to both your heart and home. 

Click the video below to meet our newest artist and her pieces for our spring collection!


  • Monika Kosloske

    Very calming art ~ perfect in my sitting room💛

  • Terri

    Such calmness in your art that certainly displays- slow down- can’t wait to see further collection.

  • Bonnie

    Your art is beautiful. Nature is so restful and we all need more calm in our lives.

  • Marlene Aleman

    What a wonderful addition to the Joyfully Said collection she is.
    Her art is beautiful, and serene, inspiring feelings of peace and joy!
    I especially love the portrait of the faceless girl holding the bouquet…so unique!

  • Brooke Olson


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