Your Quick and Easy Guide to Art Placement

Your Quick and Easy Guide to Art Placement

Wall art is one of the best ways to create a space that is uniquely yours! From personal photos to a variety of vintage and modern art styles... curating what hangs on your walls is a huge step in right direction of creating a space you truly love and that reflects your personal style!

But once you have chosen your art, you want to be sure that you don't end up disappointed in the placement of your piece; it's important that spacing, height, and scale are all considered. Thankfully, our easy guide will have you hanging art like a designer in no time!

Step 1: Choose the correct scale

Your art should fill 2/3 of the width of the furniture it is hanging over, whether it be a sofa, bed, or console table. If filling a large wall space, you want to highlight it with a large statement piece; choosing too small of an art piece on a large wall space will feel out of place.

Step 2: Choose the correct height

If not hanging directly over furniture: The center of your artwork (or the center of your art grouping) should be 57-60" from the floor. This is considered the universal "eye level" height. This distance from the floor should not change, even in a space with very high ceilings. 

If hanging directly over furniture: The bottom of the artwork should be spaced 6-8" above furniture.

Step 3: Choose the correct spacing for groupings

If hanging an art set or gallery wall, there should be 2-6" of space between each piece. Above all, ensure that the spacing is consistent between each item in the grouping.

Following these simple guidelines will have you well on your way to styling and hanging your art like a designer and creating a space you love!




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  • Kristine Dilger

    I love these tips thank you! It truly helps. I believe I do a pretty good job by myself but these little tips will definitely help and I will save this email. Thank you for being an amazing company!! 😊

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